Refine Your SearchRefine Search

Here are some details about the Advanced Search that you may have questions about.  You'll see a few other helpful resources at the bottom.

1.  Start your Search off by choosing the City.

2.  Then, choose the Chicago Neighborhood.  You can choose multiple neighborhoods by holding down command and click  each one you want.

3.  Move to the right and choose the Property Type by checking the boxes.  You can check all the boxes and you can also just check one, two, or three.  Homes are Single Family Homes.  Condos will include highrise, midrise, and lowrise buildings.  You can filter these out to find the exact building type with the options below.  Townhomes are like condos because they are attached together and there is usually and HOA.  But, they have their own front door that goes directly to the outside.  Finally, Multi-Res will be like a Single Family home, but with multiple units in it.  They are commonly called 2, 3 Flats, etc.

4.  The rest of the options are dropdown menus.  This is where you can really get specific about what you are looking for.  Click each box and scroll down the list to see all your options.

5.  Once you're ready, click Search or Map Search.  Search will give you a list of all the properties.  Map Search will show you exactly where each property is on the map but the listings will be smaller.  You can also toggle back and forth between the two.  You'll notice that you can easily refine the search on this page too.  It makes it easy for you to pinpoint the exact property that you are looking for.

6.  On the detailed property page, there is also a box to sort the properties.  Click the box to sort by either highest or lowest price and either newest or oldest.


Here are a few broad quick searches for you that have lots of more specific searches on each page.  You can look at a lot of homes quickly with these:







Are you new to Chicago and not certain where each Neighborhood is located?  Look on this map.  Once you find the neighborhood you want to know more about, click the link and it will take you to a property page specific to that neighborhood. 

The markers are color coded for the region of Chicago where they are located.  If you want a very general search, click on a black marker.  There will be only one or two for each side of the city.  It will show a very large region in the search.

Use the + and - to zoom in and out.  You can view a street by street level.